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This masterclass has been designed with functional movement and glide in mind using massage balls, straps and intentional movement sequences. Enjoy the multifaceted ways to move and massage your body with an intelligently designed sequence to maximise relaxation while still maintaining your inner stability. Improve alignment, create ease of movement and flexibility. Small props are utilised to stimulate your muscles and fascia. You’ll feel like you’ve have a massage by the time you leave! Don't we all need that right now especially during the festive season?



"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Roll and Release class online. I have attended your events in the past and haven’t been able to make it recently so having a live virtual class was exactly what I needed. Honestly it was like having you in my living room and I feel so much better after the session. I think this will become part of my weekly routine now I’m working at home. I would encourage anyone to get involved in virtual sessions after today!"


"Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I didn’t really realise how stressed I’ve been, until I tried to release my fascia and muscles etc today. I have a long way to go, so will be joining you for many more."


"Finally I get round to also saying a HUGE thanks for the roll & release class. It was exactly what I needed, to relax, stretch and find a moment of 'calm'. So very well needed in this time."


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