Paola Raffinetti

Paola Raffinetti

Paola began her love of movement through dance from an early age. Movement is the golden thread that has wound through her life. This eventually led her to discover Pilates when studying dance. Yoga came later and reaffirmed her belief in the mind and body connection. As she continues to soak up more knowledge, she’s realised increasingly what an important role fascia has become in how she views movement in her client’s bodies. This inspired her to create workshops to inform, engage and rediscover ease of movement. Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act.


Paola is open to new learning and her inspirations come from dance, Pilates, Yoga, the Franklin Method, Anatomy Trains and other techniques. These are techniques which can transform bodies and lives.


Paola enjoys working with any client, no matter their level or age. The broad spectrum of the techniques she uses ensure she will have something specific to your body and needs. Her work with all these disciplines (and who knows, maybe something extra by the time you join one of the classes) keeps her workshops fresh, interesting and challenging.



The workshops have become an exciting path of discovery for both Paola and her clients. She explores different topics targeting specific parts of the body in various Sydney locations.  The most popular workshop has been Roll & Release: A Myofascial Release Masterclass. The need for release work is evident due to the demand for this workshop.

In the path of discovery, Paola brings in Pilates, Yoga and other techniques to gain more understanding for each person. The myofascial release technique is consistently woven throughout all the workshops as this can assist in releasing unnecessary tension before bringing stability, agility and elastic recoil back into the fascia.

Paola creates an intimate environment and connects with each client before the workshop begins. This ensures she can personalise the workshop and understand your needs. This personal care carries on throughout the workshop.

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The golden thread of dance and movement led Paola to Pilates when she was doing her Dance Degree. She discovered the mind/body connection and realised, with increasing conviction, how important it is to use our bodies with care and to know that everything is linked, how we move, how we think, what emotions we express. In response to this conviction, Paola completed her Honours dissertation (cum laude) on Screening the Adolescent Body for Dance.


She first became a Studio Pilates instructor in 2001, while completing her degree in dance teaching. In 2006, she moved to London and continued her education with The Pilates Foundation UK. Anne-Marie Zulkahari, her Master Trainer, was a major influence as she encouraged Paola to keep questioning, learning and, above all, keeping an open mind.


Through Pilates, she aims to bring each client a greater awareness of their individual movement habits and to remodel faulty patterns. Her focus is on promoting functional movement for everyday activities, incorporating the Pilates principles of breathing, coordination, control, precision, centering, and fluidity. Paola encourages self-awareness and understanding of each unique body, thus improving her client’s self-image and leaving each one feeling grounded and at ease with themselves.

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Paola began her Yoga journey in a gym in Long Island, New York in 2004, never realising how transformative this practice would be. What started as a workout has, over the years, become a way of living as she started to incorporate asana, pranayama and meditation into her daily life. This practice has nurtured her compassion and outlook on life. Paola has been lucky to have worked with incredible teachers over the years.

In 2017, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through InYoga. This is just a beginning. Yoga is a life long practice. This revelation about our mind/body connection has kept her fascinated ever since. Paola grew up, as many of us did, with the belief that the mind and body are strictly separate, a belief that still persists in our culture today.

Paola began Yoga for Change in 2017 as a way to give back to the community and highlight a different charity each month. So far, together with Xtend Barre Eastern Beaches, they've raised money for Dress For Success, Oz Harvest and Share the Dignity to name a few. 

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“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”

- Martha Graham

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