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Workshops are going to live-streaming! 


How to go online:

  1. Download zoom here.

  2. Book the event that works for you. 

  3. A link will be sent to you for a Zoom meeting

  4. Click on the link and go online 5 minutes before the class starts to ensure you’re in!


Upcoming Events

  • Roll & Release ONLINE: A Myofascial Release Masterclass
    Roll & Release ONLINE: A Myofascial Release Masterclass
    Sat, 28 Mar
    Roll & Release ONLINE
    28 Mar 2020, 1:55 pm – 3:00 pm
    Roll & Release ONLINE
    This class has been designed with functional movement and glide in mind using 2 towels or a blanket and a foam roller in this session. You'll feel like you’ve had a massage by the end! Limited to 12 spots and only $12. Book now.



Paola's masterclass explores the benefits of the foam roller, massage balls, therabands and other equipment to encourage restricted muscles and fascia to release. You’ll feel like you’ve have a massage by the time you leave!

Fasica is a connective tissue that connects every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel, and internal organs. In the normal healthy state the fascia is relaxed and soft. It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. When you experience physical trauma or inflammation the fascia loses its pliability. It can become tight, restricted and a source of tension throughout the rest of the body. Trauma such as a fall, whiplash, surgery or habitual poor posture has a cumulative effect over time and myofascial release can help.

The foam roller, Franklin Balls and other small equipment can assist in releasing and break down tight tissue. Some of the many benefits include: increased circulation and blood flow to the soft tissues, increased flexibility and range of movement, reduction in injury scar tissue, and pain relief.



Paola's workshop explores the amazing motion of the spine through myofascial release techniques, myofascial slings training, Pilates and other techniques.


The spine has amazing movement which can be inhibited by daily life. Once the spine’s restrictions have been unlocked, then we can incorporate the fluidity of the spine into Pilates. This will enhance your activities giving you a freer more mobile and fluid spine. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Myofascial Release Techniques to release your spine

  • Gain understanding of how your spine moves

  • Experience a Pilates class incorporating spinal movement in all planes using Myofascial Slings Training.


Paola's lower back pain workshop focuses on pain management. After working with many different people with chronic to low level lower back pain, Paola has a wealth of knowledge to assist you. Learn Myofascial Release techniques and simple Pilates exercises to manage your pain.


Do you or have you experienced lower back pain or discomfort? Does it come and go? Perhaps you have nerve tension down your leg or very tight gluteal muscles. Do you feel like you will always have lower back pain? 


In this workshop you will learn:

  • Myofascial Release Techniques to release tight areas

  • Gain a basic understanding of the pelvis and its anatomy

  • Learn how to manage your pain when at work

  • Pilates exercises to assist you on a day to day basis


If you’re not sure if this workshop is for you, please feel free to contact Paola for more information. 


Combining the Pilates Method, myofascial sling training and myofascial release to explore ways of addressing your upper body's needs. Functional, informative and movement based workshop.

The thoracic and cervical spine can get ‘locked’ up from computer work, driving and other daily activities. Posture is compromised and can lead to tension headaches, jaw pain and long term issues. Once the neck, shoulders and thoracic spine’s restrictions are released, Pilates can assist in understanding postural placement through movement. This will enhance your practice in the studio as well as every day activities outside the studio.

    •    Understand how pelvic placement can affect your upper body.

    •    How to gain stability to free your upper body using Pilates.

    •    Learn Myofascial Release techniques to manage tight/locked up tissue.

    •    Experience how breathe can facilitate in reducing tension.

Pilates experience is required for this workshop.


Inspired by the Pilates Method, Franklin Method, dancing and myofascial release techniques and knowledge from years of working on feet as the first base of support. This is useful for everyone but more so for the runners. Functional, informative and experiential workshop.

Our feet are our first base of support in movement and can be neglected till a problem arises. The connection to the ground with our feet in movement has a trigger affect up the body. Rediscover how reawakening the feet can create a positive affect throughout the body. Using release techniques, myofascial slings training and Pilates, Paola will encourage you explore the amazing versatility of your feet. Discover how this can change your gait for running, walking and pelvic stability. Shake up the nervous system and get your dynamic balance back.

    •    Learn Myofascial Release and other techniques to bring back mobility.

    •    Understand the feet as the first base of support.

    •    Bring stability and agility back in your feet especially for running/walking.


Pilates experience is required for this workshop.


"Better than a massage and I learned some techniques I can use when I can't manage to book in with  the physiotherapist or osteopath."

"I'd never done one before. I loved learning new ways to help myself recover from sport and work."

"Paola shows and teaches by doing. Some of this stuff is hard but she explains what is happening and how Release happens. Plus you feel wonderful afterwards. Paola is clearly very knowledgeable and skilled, but she also has the perfect manner."

"Time out to de-stress, great stretch, learn more about my body and some techniques for home, and Paola's knowledge and caring approach."

"Attention to detail. A wonderful combination of strengthening, stretching, releasing and relaxing."

"Franklin Balls are my favourite but I like the range of simple equipment Paola uses. Works well for translating practice to home."

2020 dates will be announced soon



All workshop and masterclass purchases are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged.

Pre-booking and paying online is recommended to ensure you secure your spot.

If unable to attend, contact Paola as soon as possible as there may be a waiting list available.

You will need to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop or masterclass.


Paola Raffinetti
Double pigeon
Half Seated Spinal Twist
Xtend Barre Eastern Beaches
Thoracic Extension
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